Facebook Cars For Sale by Owners Near Me

Buying Cars on Facebook 

If you are in search of cars to buy from people near you, it is possible to get it right from the Facebook marketplace if it is available in your location. Let’s check out these steps that can help you do this.

So many social media users could have been wondering: how can I find Facebook Cars for Sale by Owner Near Me? Well, there is just no doubt that Facebook has always been about connections. On Facebook, you connect with friends, family, businesses, customers, colleagues, and a whole lot of other opportunities.

If you actually need to buy a new car, replace your old one, or get an already used car, they are all available for you. There are people out there who have put up their cars for sale, so you can definitely check them out and purchase anyone you think is most suitable for you. You will find out exactly how to do that right in this article.

Among the list of the eligible products you can get on Facebook Marketplace are vehicles. So, you can get fairly used or brand new cars for sale right away. All you have to do is get on the Facebook marketplace and you are set!

This online mart on Facebook is available in about 80 countries in the world. If you are a Facebook user it is entirely possible for you to buy and sell with others, depending on your location. We will be teaching you how you can find cars on sale near you, in this article.

Since trucks are a kind of vehicle, we have also included trucks in the list of eligible products which you can buy/ sell on Facebook Marketplace. So, let’s get right into it!

Facebook Marketplace 

Log into your Facebook app (not Facebook Lite) and click on the ‘Shop’ or ‘Marketplace’ icon, depending on your location, just before the ‘notification’ icon.
If you’re using a desktop or laptop, tap on ‘marketplace’.

You will find pictures of numerous products including cars and trucks for sale which will be under the category ‘Vehicles/ Transportation’.

Select ‘Buy’, then click on the picture of the car or truck you like and a messaging platform where you can personally bargain or discuss with the seller of that particular car or truck will pop up. Talk to the seller and come to an agreement concerning the purchase, and mode of payment and delivery/ pick up of the vehicle.

You can also find cars for sale on Buy and sell groups

Once your request to join a buy and sell group is accepted, you can search for and find cars to buy from others who are ready to sell their cars on that group.

Select the picture of the car you would love to buy and send a direct message to the poster. Discuss with the poster about the amount that you are willing to pay.

It is wise to try and reach a reasonable conclusion with the seller of any particular vehicle that you would love to buy as quickly as possible because the seller would likely be receiving different offers from other potential buyers.

Some buy and sale groups make use of the admin of that group as a middleman in buying and selling. Make some findings that the admin is a reliable person.


Whether on Facebook marketplace or buy and sell groups, when you agree on a payment method for a particular car or truck with the seller, agree on a delivery or pickup plan for your soon to be car.

If getting your car involves picking it up, please remember to agree to meet in a safe place and if possible go with someone else or two other persons.

Before making payment for a car, try to ascertain the genuineness of the seller as well. Let us all keep Facebook marketplace a safe place for buying and selling online.

Now that you are acquainted with the steps involved in buying cars from owners on Facebook,  what type of car do you intend to buy? What’s your favourite car colour/ best brand too? Let’s interact in the comments section below….