WhatsApp Update Latest Version | WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.291 for Android

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WhatsApp Update Latest Version – WhatsApp developers never cease to update WhatsApp with new and interesting features to make the app a better one. The latest version of WhatsApp is the WhatsApp 2.18.256 which is available for all Android 4.0 devices and above. If you do not have WhatsApp on your mobile device, will advise you download and install the latest WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp update latest version

WhatsApp Update Latest Version Features

The process of updating your WhatsApp will actually help solve problems you encounter while using the app and also include new features. The latest WhatsApp update is rolling out cool features to ensure the growth of the app. These features include;

  • Low data usage during WhatsApp call – this feature update helps users get through even in areas with a limited internet connection. It can be activated by clicking on settings>chat and calls> call settings.
  • Mark as read – if you get a pop-up notification of a WhatsApp message and you don’t feel like reading the message, you can mark the message as a read message and later when you are less busy you can read the message.
  • Custom notification – with the latest WhatsApp updates you can assign custom notification features to your contacts and groups.
  • More time to delete messages – WhatsApp now gives you a day,18minutes, and 10seconds to delete a sent message.
  • Camera night mode – this feature is available in WhatsApp iOS app and will soon be added to Android WhatsApp app. The feature is designed to help users take better pictures at night. The option to enable night mode appears when there’s a low light environment detected. The feature appears in the top right corner as a white moon in the application.
  • Stories feature – stories in photos is a series of pictures or even a video about you or your lifestyle.

This article will see you through updating WhatsApp app latest version via your device Google play store and via WhatsApp official website.

WhatsApp Update Latest Version Via Google play store 

Google Play store has been the only option for downloading several apps not because it is easy to access but because it offers high security to users by providing them with no computer virus. You can easily update WhatsApp from your Android device play store, most times your Android play store sends a push message informing you to update your apps to the latest versions of the apps.

  • To update your WhatsApp, simply:
  • Visit your device play store
  • Search for WhatsApp app
  • Tap the update bar

However WhatsApp starts updating to the latest version when you click on update, you will see a successful bar that displays the update. After updating, the app automatically installs and deletes the previous WhatsApp on your device.

WhatsApp Update Latest Version Via WhatsApp official website

If you have already installed the previous version of WhatsApp on your device, you don’t need to delete it, the latest version will automatically update the previous one. To update WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp app on your Android device
  • Go to the options menu and click on settings
  • Tap the About button
  • Check for update
  • Follow the instructions to install the update.

WhatsApp app is a free messenger with about 1million daily users worldwide. Download and install the latest version and enjoy the unique features of the app.

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