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Are you looking for credible info on | Send Large Files Free | Integrating Filebox on your Website? You have come to the right place. Continue below: –Safeguarding data during transit is paramount to the very core of our sites business. So if you need to send large files for your businesses or personal use, should be the best site for that. allows you to send large files that are too big for email. It is a file transfer service which uses cloud computing and 128-bit TLS encryption to enable users to securely send and receive large files via the internet.

This file transfer service has over 3paid plans account of which are;

  • 15-day free trial – also known as a professional plan does not require a credit card for sign up. The plan gives you 8-days access to your uploads and allows you send multiple files to a lot of users.
  • Forever free plan – this plan does not require a credit card for sign up and allows you to send a file to a single recipient. It gives you 3days access to your uploads.

You can register to any of the mentioned plans by visiting site and clicking on Start your free plan tab, you can also register to using your Facebook account or Google plus account.


This site can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet device, or a desktop device. You can optimize Firefox for your mobile site. Talk about Filebox, what is a Filebox?? – a Filebox is an easy and secure way of sending and receiving large files for your business or your personal use.

Integrating Filebox on your Website

By default, Sendthisfile hosts your Filebox on a dedicated URL that you share with others. Filebox tools can be easily embedded on your website.

Integrating Filebox tool on your website is an easy way to receive large files which gives your site users branded experience while using your website. You can customise filebox on your website when using it as a URL or when embedding the tool on your website.

When using a Filebox to send large files to colleagues and business partners, you don’t need to be registered with official website. If you don’t have an account with the site, you can use the Filebox or a branded form to send and receive files.

Features of

Sendthisfile recently launched few exciting features to enable its users to enjoy their stay on the site. Some of these features are;

  • It has a multiple file feature for sharing of multiple files.
  • Multiple users feature.
  • Advanced user access control.
  • Password protected feature.
  • AES 256 encryption.
  • Email and filebox customization.
  • Website integration.
  • No file size limits.
  • Credit cards not required.
  • No software to install.

To send a file via Sendthisfile, the sender is required to enter the recipient’s email address and an optional brief message to the web form available on the site’s homepage and then upload the file to server. Each file sent via enjoys a better security and reliable encryption.

Benefits of

Before doing anything in life you need to know the benefits of what you are about to do. And also the necessary problems you encounter while doing such. The same thing applies to  I will advise you read and learn the benefits of using Listed below are few benefits of using the site.

  1. Sendthisfile can be integrated on your website so that those sending you files do not have to leave your site while doing that.
  2. All of your transfers on has an end-to-end encryption.
  3. The encryption keys can’t be reused in a data lifetime.
  4. Sendthisfile provides security and regulatory compliance to its customers who meet its data privacy and terms of the agreement.
  5. Customers files and data are safeguarded with high ratings and certifications.
  6. There is no problem installing and using on your device.

Note; bear in mind that the page should be open when uploading files do not make a mistake of closing the page else your uploads will be denied. It will be stopped.

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